The WoodPix Process

We like Vintage! But what does vintage mean? It means different things to different people. At WoodPix, we decided to let you decide how you want your image to be processed.

When you choose the "vintage" option for your WoodPix, images you took last week on your smart phone will look like you just discovered them in grandma's attic where they'd been aging for decades! We even "burn" the edges a bit for you!

Maybe you'd rather only go back to the 1980's and have that "warm" effect you'd get from the film rolls purchased at the general store. Images that seem flat can come to life! This effect works especially well with people in your photos. If so, you can choose "warmed" for your image and get something like this:

Maybe vintage means "cold" to you. You can almost shiver just looking at the image. The details in stone and brick really stand out, and this effect adds depth when the subject of your photograph is a house or a building. Choose "cooled" if you'd like this effect applied to your WoodPix. I just got goose bumps!

What if you've already applied a filter from your Instagram account or one of the many smartphone filters available for your images? What if your family portrait has already been professionally edited? What if you just want your image on wood with no alterations? In that case select "no effect" for your WoodPix and we will leave it alone and apply it to the wood as is!