WoodPix Frequently Asked Questions

Why vintage?

Why not? We’ve all seen images on coffee mugs, t-shirts, canvas, and even on wood. We we’ve created an entirely new process whereby we take your family pictures, cell phone pictures, and Instagram pictures, "age" them, put them on wood, and then distress them some more! You may have taken the picture last week, but when we get done it will look like it’s been around for decades.

Will my WoodPix look different than the picture I upload?

Possibly! If you choose the Vintage, Warmed, or Cooled effects from the pulldown menu, we will alter your image accordingly. If you choose "No Effect" we will print the image as is and put it on wood for you. In any case, we do our best to make sure the image you provide looks amazing when it reaches you!

What is the best way to display my WoodPix?

Our 8 x 8 and larger WoodPix all have a hanging slot and tapered edges to give a gallery drop shadow effect. Simply put a small nail or screw in the wall and slide your WoodPix in place.
We also offer a variety of easels and wall racks on the site for displaying your WoodPix if you so choose.
Our 5 x 7 WoodPix can simply stand its own!

What file format does the image I upload need to be?

Your file format should be JPEG (.jpg).

What is dpi and why is it important to me?

"dpi" means "dots per inch". Images smaller than 72 dpi may appear pixilated on your WoodPix. Thus, we have a minimum number of pixels for each photo you upload. If you have any trouble uploading your image, please email it directly to support@woodpix.com. To find the resolution of your images, right-click on the image, click "Properties" and then click the "Details" tab. Scroll until you see "resolution".

For a 5 x 7 WoodPix, your image should be at least 360 x 504 pixels.
For an 8 x 8 WoodPix, your image should be at least 576 x 576 pixels.
For an 8 x 10 WoodPix, your image should be at least 576 X 720 pixels.

How long does it take to receive my WoodPix upon order?

Please check the homepage for the date you should receive your order if placed today. Normally, we ship all items within 2 weeks. During the holiday season, and anytime we receive some national press, it could take a few days longer. If you have a deadline we do offer a rush option during checkout for only $4.95 per item you need to rush. If you choose this option, your order will ship within 3 business days. If you have a pressing deadline please email support@woodpix.com. We can usually accommodate your needs!

Can you accept my physical images rather than digital?

You can send us your physical images for scanning. However, we will not be able to send them back to you. Please make sure you have a negative or a copy of the image on hand.

What is your return policy?

We provide a replacement for any damaged WoodPix. Please contact us within 30 days from the date your item shipped. We will send a replacement right away.

Where do you ship?

We ship to all 50 states and to Canada. Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada are subject to higher shipping rates due to the cost of shipping for us. You will need to contact us to place the order in these cases.